Anxious about your birth?

Feeling anxiety about labor and birth?  
Hypnosis, mindfulness and learning to trust your intuition will decrease stress and anxiety associated with birth.  The tools you learn in my classes prepare your mind for birth, postpartum and beyond...

Hypnosis, mindfulness and intuition will decrease stress and anxiety associated with birth.

-Meliea Black


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Blissborn™ classes

A 5 week class series that teaches hypnosis & mindfulness for birth and beyond. 


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“There's a greater gift than the trust of others. That is to trust in oneself. Some might call it confidence, other name it faith. But if it makes up brave the label doesn't matter...for it's the thing that frees us to embrace life itself”

-Jennifer Worth 

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Cyclical Living  

Need more clarity? Get card readings that work with the moon's primary phases.  Look at the coming lunar cycles and see the healing opportunities with Lunar Coach Meliea Black.


Working for over a decade as a midwife/birthworker, Meliea Black has been a witness to hundreds of birthing people at their most vulnerable time.  The activities of our body and mind leading up to during and after birth are a metaphor for life.  Meliea helps people learn to manage their mind during pregnancy, birth and postpartum for a more peaceful and powerful experience.