Lunar Aligned Moon Card Coven

Conscious cyclical living can reconnect you to your inner knowing.

"I’m here to help women heal themselves by reconnecting to who they are, finding their voice through cyclical living, and understanding that we are living in that cycle and spiraling upward rather than healing in a linear pattern.  There’s no start and finish.  

-Meliea Black


Be a part of a healing community.  A growing number of women are turning inward and then expanding as we retrieve the power we have always had, but had been buried under outside influence and fear. Become a part of the Moon Card Coven and you'll receive clarity, guidance and moon wisdom directly to your phone.  

“The forecast I receive in my texts  never fails to excite and inspire me.  I look forward to it with each lunar phase. ”

-Krystle B.

“In a short period of time I've gained a lot of clarity and understanding.  I feel like I now have a lighted path to work through what I've been trying to navigate in the dark.”

-Tara K.



Meliea shares her wisdom to help draw us together and remember that we are all part of a whole.  She reminds us that cyclical living and lunar energy connect us to our intuition and our collective work on this earth.  We connect not only through text messages but through a private Instagram group, live lunar cycle forecasts and monthly virtual full moon gatherings.  

“Meliea offers unique insights I haven't found anywhere else.”

-Delana T.

“Since meeting Meliea my life  and career has clarity, guidance and purpose”

-Marissa B.


As part of the Moon Card Collective, you will receive a full lunar cycle forecast just before each new moon via Instagram live(private group) as well as printable PDF.  This will help you plan for the energy that is coming, set your intentions and align your activities with the lunar phases.